Friday, July 17, 2009


I know it's early still, but planning for said event will take a while and I want to make sure it's a great time enjoyed by all so that maybe this become a yearly event.

Ok, the breakdown as of now...
Starting 4pm, 19 December 2009 at Miller's Field, we will have the rules, breakdown of the evening and a few cocktails. 1hr per bar (or if you feel like staying and trying to get some strange for the holidays, please feel free to jump ship), at each bar in this order; Miller's Field, Moondoggies, PB Bar & Grill, Johnny V's, Typhoon Saloon and ending at The Tavern. All goes to plan, we should be at The Tavern by 9pm, in order to beat the cover charge and enjoy the evening festivites in style (our sweaters).

The contest...
At each bar, we will have a hidden Christmas Wreath (which we will show you a copy of) displaying PBUCSPC on it. You must write down/remember the location because at The Tavern all people with the complete list will be invited to enter the Ugliest Christmas Sweater contest for a gift card prize.
Contest Rules:
Guy's & Girl's are judged seperately (1 gift card per winner, 2 total)
Gift card amount/location:TBD

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